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“Transforming intellectual capital into a dynamic business asset!”

Helping technology companies leverage their knowledge to drive a quality customer experience AFTER their customers buy—thus establishing the following:

  • User satisfaction.

  • Customer loyalty.

  • Continued revenue.

Customers need to know "How to" use your product or service in the easiest and most efficient way and in as many convenient formats (and languages, if in global markets) as possible. This is especially important when your product or service is technically complex. Content creation needs to be automated or manufactured and not hand-crafted. How customers use your content must be measured and analyzed in order to advance your research and development.

What is content automation?

+ Topic-based Authoring
A modular or library-style of content creation; using a building block approach of structured, reusable components that can be mixed and matched. These tagged content units in Extensible Markup Language (XML), a neutral platform, makes the dynamic assembly of customized information possible.
+ Single-source Publishing
Enables output from the same content to various technical formats for example, online or embedded help, printed documents in Word or PDF, or a web page and mobile device application. This automation eliminates redundancy and errors and up-dating a single-source reduces the resources required with traditional workflows that must be synchronized across many source documents.

It takes strategic planning.

Whether your enterprise needs technical manuals, animated training tutorials or a knowledge base for the help desk, they all need to align with your business objectives. Let's discuss the best practices for implementation of a knowledge management strategy which may involve the following:

  • Content audits, gap analysis, evaluation of legacy content and migration.
  • Information architecture and taxonomies.
  • Automation tools, implementation and work-flow processes.
  • Building and training teams in documentation standards.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) analysis, experiments and studies.
  • Authoring for both technical and marketing communications.

Beth Haggerty, Technical Writer, Technical Communications Consultant

Combining advanced technical skills with the creative process, I'm adept at abstraction and masterful at creating order out of chaos to develop clear communication and simplified documentation that educates and instructs audiences at all levels. I am an advocate for the end-user—truly caring about the customer experience.

My technology industry experience is in:  

  • IT Networks and Virtualization Software.
  • Wireless Radio Frequency Identification (RFID/RTLS) Systems.
  • Wireless Sensors and Controls.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Financial and Municipal Government Software.

My education includes:

  • Technical Communications Management.
  • Advanced Developer in Madcap Flare Software for content management in topic-based and single-sourced publishing systems.
  • Information Mapping©, a documentation methodology.
  • Professional Business and Technical Writing.
  • Marketing and Business Development.
  • Graphic Design | Web Design.

Let's get started—contact me today!

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justSay-IT Technical Communications
Cell: 778.215.2559 | Skype ID: beth.haggerty3
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