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Distrix's network virtualization solution creates a software-defined wide area network (WAN) providing on-demand secure connectivity and cost-effective advanced network implementation regardless of infrastructure. It uses all protocols levels of the OSI model. In industrial settings it brings together IT and operations technology (OT) to remotely monitor and manage physical devices and control systems (SCADA) resources required for business.

The documentation project required laying the foundation for embedded HELP for the graphical user interface (GUI) along with an online knowledge base and user guides. These contained Windows and Linux procedures for installation and implementation of a virtualized network. A RESTful application platform interface (API), (using JSON coded configuration files) was produced to enable advanced developers to integrate Distrix software.

Documentation processes were revised and legacy content migrated from wiki's. Working within an iterative Agile development methodology (using JIRA) to interactively gather and create content for software version releases, including release notes and developer's kits (SDKs).

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Distrix Network Technologies

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