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Created a knowledge base, guides and release notes written in XML and deployed to embedded HELP within their 24 module software applications and posted to a community web portal.

Word processed manuals and legacy RoboHelp files (HTML Help) were migrated to topic-based and single-sourced publishing software (in XML). Edited and revised for accuracy, redundancy and improved for readability and searchability. All screenshots were revised for consistency and quality and then tagged for easy retrieval in a central repository. Work-flow processes were developed for contributing subject matter experts.

Vadim Software


“Beth raises the quality level of everything she works with. She is skilled at creating technical and client-facing documentation that is clear and professional. She is focused and demands excellence in her own work.” —Bill Spittle, VP Corporate Development, Stardyne Technologies

“With my background as a software developer, I appreciated Beth’s talent for producing documentation that is intuitive, clear and easy to use. Beth has strong professional skills and will be valuable anywhere she goes.” —Monte Erickson, SQL Business Intelligence Specialist

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