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Wireless Controls Technology — OMNEX Control Systems

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Creatively designed a cohesive brand for all material in conjunction with the overall company objectives and vertical markets. Collaboratively worked with engineers, software developers and sales teams to develop product copy for brochures, web content, specification sheets and promotional collateral for their core product, Trusted Wireless, their embedded technology. A large video project involved total project management (budget, staff and timelines); script creation, storyboards, photo selection and editing, videographer selection and direction, on-camera executive interviews, directed studio recording, assisted in editing with selection of sound tracks and special effects. Met all production deadlines and came in significantly under budget. This video was used in selling the company to a large USA conglomerate, Cooper-Busman and subsequently to Eaton.

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  “A bright, talented marketing professional who has a keen eye for image quality and many creative ideas for corporate and product messaging.” —Randy Klassen, Director, Sales & Marketing, OMNEX  
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